Why you should visit your dentist twice a yearWaiting in the dentist’s office for your appointment is probably the last way you would like to spend your time – most of the time it’s associated with a long wait, an intensive treatment and a hefty bill at the end of it. There is a way to change that, and it makes a whole lot of sense. Put aside a few minutes a couple of times a year to drop by at our clinic at Pattom, Trivandrum,  for a regular and routine checkup –it will help you avoid the kind of meeting you dread. At Trivandrum Dental Specialists’ Group, our checkups are designed to catch any potential issues early enough so that it can be fixed without ballooning into a major problem involving intensive treatment. It saves time and cost and keeps your naturally beautiful teeth for longer. On the other hand a regular checkup can also catch problems that you may already have, or cannot avoid, and suggest treatments that give you the best smile you can have.

It is important to understand the long-term benefits of a routine dental checkup.  Here are some reasons why you need to ensure that you do make it to your dentist twice a year:

  • Diagnose potential oral problems early: A regular checkup helps in detecting potential oral care issues that may come up in the future. Detecting and fixing the problem early saves you from intensive treatment in the future which can cost more money, effort and time. Regular checkups are less frequent, short and help in maintaining oral health. They also help avoid frequent visits and intensive care in the long term.
  • Get the best Advice from an Expert: Technology and techniques keep changing to help people do more in less time, with better results. Your dentist is the best person to guide you on taking care of your oral health – whether it’s brushing or flossing your teeth, or trying out new toothpaste, or eating the right kind of food. A regular checkup helps the dentist to recalibrate your dental care planning to suit your unique condition, whether it’s your age, health or dental care history.
  • Awareness of the latest treatments: Dental treatments have moved on from just oral health care to cosmetic care. Treatment costs have come down in many cases, and cutting edge treatments are being developed in other cases. The treatment time, number of visits and recuperation time have improved. The effort in undergoing treatment has been reduced to make it easier and painless. The end result is that you could be missing out on a treatment that could improve your smile, how it feels and how it looks. And you could be doing it for less time, cost and effort.  A regular visit helps your dentist in running you through the options you have for your age, time and budget.
  • Maintain your general health: Regular checkups with your dentist help you maintain your oral health. Your oral health is a good indicator of your general health and has been linked as indicators to cardiac, diabetic and other related conditions. Oral health includes the status of your teeth, gums, tongue and oral cavity. Taking good care of your oral health involves lifestyle decisions, dietary control and other health decisions that have a positive impact on your overall health. Oral specific diseases like oral cancer can be detected early through regular checkups. The advantages of having regular dental checkups far outweigh the few minutes you have to spend with your dentist for just a couple of times a year.

Prevention can be as easy as a couple of visits a year – and Pattom isn’t a long way away for anyone in Trivandrum.  Two times a year is hardly a call for a systematic plan, it can fit in with literally any plan you have at work or at home. Considering the payoff in terms of a beautiful smile and long-lasting oral health, the benefits are just incomparable. So make sure you enjoy the best of the kind of modern dental care that Trivandrum Dental Specialsts’ Group can offer – an easy and painless way to add the most to your health and beauty.

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