World Dental Show in Mumbai

Indian Dental Association, a consortium of more than 50,000 dentists from all over India, is organizing the third World Dental Show in Mumbai from September 16 to 18. Tipped as one of the world’s largest and most popular annual dental shows, WDS is set to enlighten more than 20000 people from India and abroad about the latest developments in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Spread over an area of 25,000 sq meters, the 3-day exhibition will showcase an array of state-of-the art dental equipment, innovative technology and services from dental institutions across the world. Around 500 stalls and booths will be set up and more than 200 manufacturers and 3000 dental laboratories will take part in the event. The show will be attended by people from all walks of life, including dental professionals, academicians, research workers, scientists etc.
The theme of the World Dental Show
The theme of the World Dental Show 2011 is centred around the idea that the future of dentistry lies in India . With the economy growing and the government setting in motion projects targeting “oral health for all by 2020”, dentistry in India is believed to grow by leaps and bounds in the next couple of years .

The show will be a perfect platform for aspiring dentists to know more about the future technological innovations as well as treatment methods. The event will also see eminent speakers, dental professionals and scientists sharing their experience in dental research and practice. A special science forum will be organized in connection with the exhibition. It will also provide dental manufacturers a deep insight into where the Indian oral health care industry is headed. Knowing the trends, they can choose to manufacture products that will improve their position on the dental equipment market.

The event is expected to set new trends in the dental industry. New benchmarks will be set as far as the quality of dental care is concerned.

World Dental Show in Mumbai

India – the hottest dental tourism destination

World Dental Show 2011 will provide foreigners with the best opportunity to explore the dental health care market in India. One of the biggest markets of oral health care, India is hailed as the least expensive dental care destination in the world. India is turning out to be the hottest dental tourism destination. Thousands of Westerners visit the country every year. Though cost-effective, there is no compromise on the quality of dental treatment available in India. Indian dentists can match their European counterparts in knowledge, skills and ability.

India has a total of 1,25,000 dental professionals which is more than double the number it had five years ago. With 20,000 dental graduates passing out every year, the number is expected to touch 2,00,000 in five years. There are more than 300 dental clinics in India and, around 500 big hospitals in the country has an independent wing for dental care. India has the highest number of dental hospitals in the world. All these numbers show how fast the Indian dental care industry is growing.

A great opportunity for business

Major dental equipment manufacturing companies around the world are very keen on tapping the fast-growing oral health care market in India. The fact that Indian dental health care market offers excellent potential for exponential growth has attracted quite a number of dental equipment manufacturers in Canada, Italy, Brazil, Korea, Europe, China, Germany, Taiwan and the US. The World Dental Show will provide them with a great opportunity to introduce their state-of-the-art dental equipment to thousands of dental professionals and distributors in India. At the same time, high-profile dental equipment manufacturers in India will continue to build up their brand image.

Since the previous edition of the show, the dental industry in India has grown by 40%. The demand for dental equipment has gone up considerably too. However, the domestic companies are not able to meet the growing demand. Investment-friendly policies adopted by the Central Government will help International companies launch their products in India.

The Venue

The venue of the World Dental Show 2011 will be:


Opp.City Bank,

Bandra Kurla Complex

Bandra (East)

Mumbai – 400051



Tel: +91 22 4343 4545

+91 22 2369 6655

+91 22 2367 1515


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